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We often get asked how to prepare a scissor lift for winter storage in colder climates-

If you’re lucky enough to have room to store your lift inside that’s the best option.  For battery powered lifts the main concern is, you might have guessed, the batteries.  If the building is heated charging the lift once a month should be adequate.  If the building is unheated and you’re in a cold climate it is possible the batteries will freeze which will shorten their lifespan dramatically.  Leaving the lift plugged in all winter would seem to be the simplest solution but this can be wasteful and depending on the lifts charging system might not work the way you hope.  The reason is that when you first plug in a lift it will charge until the batteries are full and then shut off.  This works well but the system doesn’t begin charging again until the circuit is reset by unplugging the power.  So even if your lift sits plugged in all winter it would only charge once and you still might have dead or frozen batteries come spring.  If your memory isn’t good enough to remind you to unplug and re-plug the lift periodically the best solution is a timer.  If you buy a 7 day timer you can have the lift go on charge 1 day a week which should be adequate.

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If the lift is stored outside the same concerns apply as the indoor cold storage example.  It might also be useful to remove the upper control box when a lift is stored outside for long periods.  Depending on the brand this can be done in a matter of seconds and it helps to keep one of the more expensive parts on the lift out of the elements.

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