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Over the years the sizes of electric scissor lifts classes have changed quite a lot.  One of the biggest trends is toward narrowness but there are downsides to the narrow models too that needs to be weighed against their usefulness.  The following are the common classes of indoor scissors.

By far the most common size are the 19 ft machines.  Common models are Genie GS-1930’s, JLG 1930ES’s, MEC Micro 19, SkyJack SJ3219’s, and Snorkel 3019E.  These are designed to fit through most standard doorways so are between 30-32 inch wide and are approximately 6 ft long with a deck extension if you want to utilize it.  This shorter length helps to get around sharp corners such as a hallway with a 90 degree turn.  Some manufacturers like Genie and SkyJack also make 15 ft units.  These are basically the same as the 19 ft versions with a shorter scissor arm.  Since pricing is fairly close and sizing is nearly identical the majority of people purchase the 19 ft lifts rather than the 15 ft models.

The next size is a 20 ft lift.  These are also 30-32 inches wide.  Common model are the Genie GS-2030, JLG 2030ES, and SkyJack SJ3220, and Snorkel S3220E.  These main difference between these models and the 19 ft machines is that they are longer at about 7 1/2 feet.  This does make the unit harder to use in tight spots but it give the operator more platform space, allows the lifts to pickup more weight, and is arguably more stable at height.  This size was more popular in the past but customers increasingly opt for the shorter length of the 19 ft models.

For 26 ft units there are numerous options.  Basically all units this size are about 7 1/2-8 ft long but they come in both narrow and wide styles.  Narrow models (30-32 inch) like the Genie GS-2632, JLG 2630ES, MEC 2632SE, SkyJack SJ3226 and Snorkel S3226E are closely related to their respective 20 ft machines and at least for 26 ft units are the smallest common model that can reach 26 ft.  You can also opt for a wide 26 ft machine such as the Genie GS-2646, JLG 2646ES, SkyJack SJ4626, and Snorkel S4726E all of which are 46-47 inch wide.  The benefits of the wide models are larger weight capacities, more deck space, and more stability however they might be too wide for some jobs.

If you need to go higher we move to a 32 ft size.  These are also available in both narrow and wide.  Out of the big manufacturers only Genie currently makes something that size, the GS-3232.  To be safe at such a height they use an outrigger system that extends at a certain height.  Unlike other electric scissors these can’t be driven at height.  They are also fairly heavy at around 5,200 lbs.  They’re the tallest “narrow” scissor available.  More commonly 32 ft scissors are 46-47 inches wide.  Models include Genie GS-3246, JLG’s 3246ES, MEC 3346SE, SkyJack’s SJ4632 and Snorkel S4732E.  They lift more weight than the narrow units, have more deck space, and don’t have the special outriggers so can drive at full height.

Forty foot indoor scissors are a relatively new invention.  Models include the Genie GS-4047, JLG R4045, MEC 4046SE, SkyJack SJ4740, and Snorkel S4740E.  These units are between 45-47 inches tall which is quite narrow for their height.  Because of their height these units weigh in at over 7,000 lbs.

Forty-five foot indoor electric lifts are still quite unusual but Genie offers the GS-4655 and MEC has the 4555SE.  These units are wider at 55 inches which helps keep them stable and keeps the weight close to the 40 ft units.  This is still a niche class but seems to be growing.

This covers the vast majority of indoor electric scissors but there are a few other classes including Electric rough terrains such as MEC’s ERT line which are useful both indoors and on mild outdoor terrain, full size electrics like JLG’s LE series, and micro scissor lifts that usually range from 10-13 ft but offer a footprint even smaller than a standard 19 ft unit.

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