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IN 2011 MEC Aerial Work Platforms came out with it’s model 2659/3259ERT scissor lift line.  These are relatively compact (59″ wide), electric, 4 wheel drive scissor lifts, that weigh between 6000-7000lbs.  You might be asking yourself is that something we really need?  The answer is maybe depending on the work you do.  Picture a new commercial or agricultural building getting finished out by electricians or other trades.  The building has a nice new concrete floor but to get to the building is still a muddy mess.  In the past getting an electric scissor inside required a lot of pushing or a telehandler.  Unless the mud is really extreme though an ERT scissor like this would drive right in.  Or what if that concrete isn’t even poured yet and you’re just working on stone.  Your only option used to be a gas/LP all terrain scissor lift but if the building is closed up tight even propane fumes can be annoying.  Again a MEC like this might be your answer.  Overall the ERT line isn’t a mainstream machine but for the right application it could be very handy.

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